About Us

Health House
Nutrition was incorporated in 2013

Mainly for satisfying consumers' needs of quality supplements for the best affordable prices.

The first branch was launched in October, 2013, at Sharq Area, Ahmed Al-Jaber Street.

As we are keen on providing first-class products for the best prices, Health House was highly applauded by consumers from various society segments, which added to our responsibility to customers for providing quality and effective supplements. Consequently, we proceeded our march for fulfilling the requirements of our highly esteemed customers. We managed, by Grace of Allah, to be one of the best and leading companies throughout Kuwait and GCC region.

High Quality Ingredients

Our supplements uphold an elevated standard, featuring carefully selected premium ingredients.

Top Rated and Reviewed

Rave reviews affirm our supplements' exceptional quality and noticeable benefits.

Trusted by Experts

Endorsed by health professionals, our supplements meet expert standards consistently.

In addition to high quality

In addition to high quality, our products are free of Olympically doping and banned substances that are proper for all athletes undergoing periodical doping tests in sports competitions. As a result, Health House became the favorite destination for most sports federations and clubs for providing sportsman's requirements of safe and effective supplements.